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WIP - A complete port of OpenEXR 2.2 to Javascript for a new generation of high-dynamic-range browser-based approval workflows.

Project updates


I have made fire - The holidays have been intense. I was able to port OpenEXRs underlying library ilmbase almost entirely to Javascript. Go check out the working test files, which are the ported C tests HalfTest, IexTest and ImathTest from ilmbase. You should see the console outputs, which are similar to the code running natively on your CPU - but this time the tests are running inside the Javascript Engine of your browser.

Before your click on the links keep in mind this is not optimized code. The js files are quite large and the execution could take a few seconds to complete. Please be patient. If your browser should complain that the javascript is taking to long to execute - just click on "Wait" or "Continue execution". This should only happen on ImathTest which executes quite a lot of tests.

Currently I am working on the port of the IlmThread part of ilmbase. Javascript does not support Multi-threading. Probably the concept of web workers is the only way to do this. We will see ...


Holidays are the best time to work on new projects. I carried around this idea for very long and started working on it today.